The lone wolf

There is no more harm to prove
Adoration for given steps
Hard work has become a blessing
Not to forget to enjoy

Driven individuals find their lesson when the path is unfinished

At times I get a headache when I work too much
A pathway walking through doors
He has got a lesson
For those who call him their friend

Adore you,


The same

Today I did not think of you at all
Keep your heart strong
I do not know if you have been alone on the holidays as I have been at a young age
Love needs recognition

The holidays are coming up and I don’t feel invited nor welcome as the year before
I always remember you the same

Only the demons have changed
La la la, la la la

Adore you,


A letter

Gatekeepers decide which way to go
Streams follow ways of the force that
Our dreams provide the way

Dreams do not work unless you do
And once the dream has become your passion
Hard work becomes all you want to do

Nothing else is on your mind
I dream of a career
I work for it
I dream to be a martial artist
I work for it

Training and education

My love,

If I ever see you as my other half
You, now at this moment, are working very hard for your dreams
As am I

For my body and mind were made for greatness
If it is me or a next generation
I will shine my light
Positive energy and commitment
Always rewarded

Adore you,



I can’t imagine how I thought of you
The tables have turned
Difference between emotions and feelings

Sudden thoughts
The feelings were made of calmness and comfort

I see you stare at me with consideration and love
A year of highschool includes
I can not meet your eyes

This is solely friendship
Opportunities for opposites
Imagining you wanting other girls has made these feelings fade

It is a phase
I have someone who gives me butterflies
You are just the calmness after storms

Don’t be so supportive
You are too good of a person
This behaviour makes people fall for you while our souls are not made for this combination

You can say that I have distanced myself from the feelings you give me
Inside my heart
We are friends and you are one of the few people who really cares

There are no butterflies
Just my heart touched and I refuse to stare in your eyes more than I have to do

I won’t fall for you
Not including feelings
Caring for your soul, not trusting you with my heart

I love someone else,


The panic results in calmness

A whiter shade of pale
Intact is the body that once contained your love
It is the last thing that’s holding me

You fascinate me in your last sleep
Drowning body
Enigmatic is see overflow all the chances I had for love and how I dived deep far away

Eyes in tact and slowly closed off
You are not one with the water
Chances of love are preserved

Adore you,


New glasses

There is no desire for desires
Wanting to have
Away it goes with one night of rest
Fight for love and no battle is to be feared

I left my ego at the door
Patience, hard work
Molding into a better person
Humble learns the
student of the art

Humble I choose

Adore you,



Attending this wedding made me not want to marry in a good way
People seek support and friendship to not stand alone
The most divine moments of life
Should be experienced as a single
Loved as to be alone in the crowd
For too many go through divorce
Anger has to be ventilated loudly alone before you bring someone else in your home
Scholars,  rewarded by yourselves

Adore you,