Cross over of cultures
Sunlight touches our faces
I have always thought more of time than words

Perceptions go through the window
The syndication
My eyes meeting yours
You show me the world

I stared at you
And your eyes were already meeting mine
Narnia’s closet is in your eyes

A holiday with struggles
I hope you will fight for me

Adore you,



Despite your absence you are my present
Longing for you I enter my sleep
Just to be close to you

I love you and I wish you well


This will be a long Christmas
May the snow fall just for your presence
I give my heart to you,


Love can wait

When you are near
There is no stress
No love touching my sky
Get solely bare thoughts

I suddenly am lust
No negative person can bring me down
I will defeat them all

Let me study hard, work hard
So I can live in my own place and be free
Free enough to be together with you

Adore you,


When you are not with me

.. . … …
It would be to never forget how happy you made me feel
When your eyes are on mine
The hapiness comes from inside and explodes from my heart

To a smile of the happiest girl alive

… ….
Have to cherish these moments
The sparks of the divine love you decided to share with me

I thank you from more than my heart for making me warm
Through you shines divine light

I wish you the most divine unconditional love
Our memories give me the warmest smile of compassion

I admire you still,



It takes time to believe
May we be guided
As an opposite
Warm adventures

How can opposites attract each and everyone
I wish I could say I look into the sky to kiss you goodbye

Farewell sayings to the day that I missed
Your energy is everywhere surrounding me
In the train I stare at the bottom
The fields filled with water
As the grass in between

Remains the same
Season again
It provides the family
First the father and now the sun

Let us not cry about the painful past
The life is only just starting

Adore you,


The most beautiful

A gift from the divine on this earth
All everyone searches for
How do you know unconditional love

A station hall hidden with wood
The airport welcomes you with water and it’s animal
I hope to walk through these doors with you

I was 16 when I took the plane for 9,5 hours
A destiny I revisit in my dreams
The journey of adolescence

My history mends with your past
All the beauty we lost
Finds us back together
Loving your ways

Adore you,