Her thirst for water has been replaced
Her mind thinks she doesn’t need it anymore
She is a disease

She opens her arms for something
Where did it go wrong
Can we go back to that time
Dear angels

And protect her from danger all her life
Would she be the one she could have been
Is there still hope dear lord

I have set my life on hold and today I’m moving forward


Welcome to the darkside



A place where I stay to go elsewhere
Drinking every day, each movement to the bottle is the same

Reach hold and twist
Put it back

Escape from reality of those walls
Run and hide
Love to cherish you
The moments that fly by

At a point that I seek
Desired love in my dreams
Live as it attracts the thing that brings you hapiness

Thanks God
For showing me the door again and again

Adore you,


Do not worry

I think of it every now and then
See heaven’s got a plan for you

Only having a door opened hurts so much more
I am never protected

Those who harm you are your devil on this earth

The tears are in my eyes
Oh God I can not forgive the people of the past and present when they repeat the same

I am hurt lord
How can this bear me any strength

Will I fall asleep with agony in my back, between my eyes
Resting on my chest, reaching for my throat

If I sleep at all

Adore you,



Let’s just justify what happened
We shall not
See one another

Only if fate and persistence comes together
‘I want your energy’
Preserved in my memory

I have that
I fell in love with a stranger
First sight and a strong handshake

Why does the world brings up pain and people who choose evil over good

Sometimes I wonder how
Maybe I can believe it

Adore you,


Active truth

When you work so hard as you do I can imagine your mind is in constant meditation

Your body is lead by the mechanisms of your mind
Working harder than I can imagine

Tired are my eyes
I have decided to walk a mountain
For your backpack is showing me that the time is not now

We shall meet when you are ready
And I would fearlessly dive deep down under in trust of another person

Would I need instructions to love you as we evolve?
If the time is right we shall walk together in the field of sunflowers

Surrounding a mountain
Where I learned that my concerns will never adapt or reach the environment of your work

Utopian rules
Love or admiration, attractive to my soul

Adore you,



Love at first sight
Can we turn it around
To see what you could see

The magic takes turns in my eyes
Waiting for the time my eyes are enough

The one
My eyes are opened to good souls
It just is

Adore you,

‘The analysis of your heart
Why did I ran off
I love you, I am sorry