I have no fear
When you are present

Cut from the same wood
A chapter has inspired me

Not to be passive, passionate
I speak out volumes of admiration
You are away, currently away

Dreams have stopped
I only have myself for the future
A pragmatic revolution

Admire you with distance,



When I was younger I listened to the voicemailmessage of my grandmother

Deciding that mine should sound like hers at age 12

First mobile phone given by sister
Substantially proud of the roaring lion sound when it closed off

The red lights were cute too

This is the voicemail of … I’m not here at the moment
Please leave a message so I can get in touch


Adore you,



Source of mother earth is rooted in trees
Standing, laying, observing anything
They shall not intervene
Nature is calling
Using as it may happen
We fall from branches
United as the same

Friendship as we recognize the same pattern
I am sure I desire you
The design of recognition

Adore you,


From Barbados to Alaska’s wildlife

When the crowd is there or gone
Far away
Lands and coalitions in between
Smiling because your energy resembles the love of my life
Your presence is stronger than anything ever has
Could be the one
Attraction as if will find it’s way
Saving my love
United as attraction appeals love
God only knows how I am the one to support or love you as the divine talents you have in reach
Energies, attraction, thank you
Noble of character
The way I will feel for you
Do doubts are there out of naivety
I have no doubts on how fondly I feel and think of you

Adore you,


Bubble of tonight

There are three stages in the train and I can not rest my arms on either one of them
Resembles on how tonight has changed
Medical health returns from a new state of mind
Chemistry are netwerks that combines forces can be deadly
Too much or just enough
I seem to feel enough to go through with it
Fighting against the networks that are made
Freedom is to be able to stand your ground without being shot
Verbally and physically hands off
Distance yourself so nature slowly becomes the source of joy instead of a circuit to survive
God has saved me before, saves me again

The streets are hard when it is your home
Everyone goes in their bubble
Left alone, no one to speak to you
Maybe the worst to be alone with your stories
Jesus is there for everyone
The sheppard of the rich in spirit
Light a candle in the home

Grateful for this roof and this food
I apologize for my shortcomings
Once comfort is achieved
The will is strong to let the devil come near

Nevertheless you will never forget
The times of survival
In anyway necessary
Be strengthened, you are covered
You are not alone
The future matters

Adore you,


The goodbye of your eyes

The trees look as if they were taken from vole
A place of my youth
When seated I could only think of adoration for your presence
Situated in between architectures of houses
The lungs hold my breath a little longer
I can imagine to see
Strokes of your presence soothe me
This day too shall pass

Adore you,



The partner is one who does not desire anything
Soulsharing zen enough
Calmness reaches how far the eyes can see
Is your share not to actively seek
On the boxing if I slow down
Practice eyes
No pain

Adore you faithfully,