I’m searching for true love subconsciously, it might be destructive. For how I know what I long for If in all love roots selfishness? How would I feel if this handsome strong man.. I want to be surrounded by him only God has other plans or wants me to train in the other city? I could bike tand on weekends only once go there? I don’t know what to do… I suddenly and strongly have a desire to someone who I do not know

I should run past the river
Run past it all
For God will decide

Adore you,



I would say I’m proper
A household to count

visit me
noticed a day ahead
cleaning the heater, laundry machine from in and out

Why oh why
Do I as an adult
Desire to be my own worst critic

Let them not catch me
cleaner than yours
I am
I speak

Yet the smirk of disgrace on your face
So sad to see a loved one become bitter and hateful

If I now see my parents walk.. I can see the love
Yet when they open their mouths I can not tell objectively

What is their way of communication
Key is

Adore you,