Branches are fighting the big fight
We forget the trees when we go to sleep
A human constant in distress will read insane

A strong humane ability will punish you
Talking another in a corner

I know in the end when it is you or me
Loyalty lacks the females of this world

Only a good mother or a loyal friend
The tree feels the outward struggle
And I, young as I once was
Know the friends are acquintances

My lovely God will last
The version I love
For my mind influences my love

The truth is to be spoken
When it is time to wake up

Adore you,


A black penny

Ravaged room
Substances make you into a person I do not wish to know
Depending on war

War and peace
Life lived as such

Spinning symmetrical ways
Without you in sight
Life is good

For nature warns when it explodes

The wind hits my ears
“Let it go”
Plants start out from scratch

Adore you,



The moon was yellow tonight and I promise you
It made me go back inside
Like the curtains closed

Alone I feel in this world
Without my friends
Was I given this time by God

All I need is a hug
From a person I love

Who can you love these days?

Adore you,


Sink in

Your eyes spark of light except the apple
Why are you so emotional
Sensitive and stinging

You do need to learn to give more than you get
I will work on my restlessness

Adding to the past
Experiences will keep us going

Seperation of all

Adore you,