Bubble of tonight

There are three stages in the train and I can not rest my arms on either one of them
Resembles on how tonight has changed
Medical health returns from a new state of mind
Chemistry are netwerks that combines forces can be deadly
Too much or just enough
I seem to feel enough to go through with it
Fighting against the networks that are made
Freedom is to be able to stand your ground without being shot
Verbally and physically hands off
Distance yourself so nature slowly becomes the source of joy instead of a circuit to survive
God has saved me before, saves me again

The streets are hard when it is your home
Everyone goes in their bubble
Left alone, no one to speak to you
Maybe the worst to be alone with your stories
Jesus is there for everyone
The sheppard of the rich in spirit
Light a candle in the home

Grateful for this roof and this food
I apologize for my shortcomings
Once comfort is achieved
The will is strong to let the devil come near

Nevertheless you will never forget
The times of survival
In anyway necessary
Be strengthened, you are covered
You are not alone
The future matters

Adore you,


The goodbye of your eyes

The trees look as if they were taken from vole
A place of my youth
When seated I could only think of adoration for your presence
Situated in between architectures of houses
The lungs hold my breath a little longer
I can imagine to see
Strokes of your presence soothe me
This day too shall pass

Adore you,



The partner is one who does not desire anything
Soulsharing zen enough
Calmness reaches how far the eyes can see
Is your share not to actively seek
On the boxing if I slow down
Practice eyes
No pain

Adore you faithfully,



We like to be outside
Seated in silence
Transport takes us to them

Can sing along
Losing sleep
Love actually as to be a team
Formidable to serve and love a man as he is my all

My other half, my protector
If it is written on the wheels
Taking a turn to connect
Love will look as that to me

Love a man with emotions in his eye
Fall asleep alone
Energies separated
We have not made memories

Seemingly don’t stop caring now

Adore you,



Not knowing, will I ever be yours to hold
If it possible to rest on your chest
To have your scent embrace me
Your taste not leaving me

Hope, will it ever become real
Let me endure these

Hope for love keeps me alive
As a tribute I wait for this kiss
An embrace and love
From the?

Writing your first name on the palm of my hands
Doubts arise
Is this my imagination playing another game towards the desires of my heart

Loving on earth
Is it possible?
Can I physically love someone,  truest loving?

Life would be a slow death
If I had not made so much memories with you
In my imagination

I pray for your safety
I love you foremost
Wanting to kill anyone
If this is a joke

The joker,


Create with me

In these years I have been seeing you as alluring
No words will be on my lips
Night air consumes a body
Temptation is the greatest risk
with a black sculpted shirt round muscles that hold the man’s eyes I dream off
I don’t see anyone else
Notice the danger when the desire is striking me in
He is the one, the chosen one
It has been the first time a movie sucked me in
Adrenaline, imagine

A long time
Your eyes behold my future
When going to a place far away
This movie gave me adrenaline
Only at the time my heartbeat jumped

I suddenly created a new movie
Shown to me, my mind or heart
Created you as an archer to protect
And the sweatdrop resting on the tip of your nose
It was nothing

Nothing to the seriousness
The duty was calling
You were there
I believe I have defeated a dragon

You are hunting me
Lustful love
Is there danger in a disconnection for emotions

Will I have waited all these years..
To just be consumed