Handing me a bottle

I clean your room again
Prepare healthy meals
Hope you are able to grow up

Please be strong and man the fuck up

You are no princess
Fight for survival

Adore you,




Freedom is there for the one who waits for love
My shirt walks away from the place I belonged to
Or thought it belonged to
I became free when I turned from the place

Now I am laying in this bed
Taupe kind of grey if that is a color
My shirt is only slightly darker

In the bathroom I close the cabinet
I look in the mirror and for a split second see myself as how you see me

Inception yet again
The next time it closes it is you
A different kind of type
Shaved yet not bald

Not as your hairstyle is now
Not as I have ever layed in your bed

I wake up from a daydream
And think to myself that this dream was focused on an aspect different than lust
Not a thing I’m fond off

Predator no prey,


Mind on blank

You have to accept the face in thy mirror
The good fight and embrace your loss
Never alone for I know myself
Thy fists behold unfinished battles, from within yourself and every angel alive

Life itself tries to convince you that there is no meaning
They try to shut the angels in you
Figuring there is strength in walking away

The love I have for you will once reach you
It will find you in a gift
The devine supports me to work on myself
Before I am loving and kind to true love

For now dear, I desire to have one of your arms surrounding my upperhalf
You feel more like home than any house ever did
I desire the lust In your eyes, becoming one, to see I reflect in your eyes with a new possible outcome

Yet I restrain myself from anybody’s flesh except my own
Following desires has never lead to longtime success such as enrichment
I will have to feel love from within,  a force than can not hold me back from making my way to the one I love

I do not want to only consume or to be consumed without losing the meaning of love
My hands behold my selfish desires
As much as I desire to set them free over your body
To allow your fingerprints everywhere

I can not seem to let go.. for I foresee damage conflicted upon thy heart which carries the world of goals
Greater things are ahead than love between two if my calculations are absolutely correct

Adore you,


In the light anyone can lose sight of the shadow

Vision is not resting
It can touch the dark things without consuming
Grasping onto a better life
These steps will destroy any opponent

I wish you would fight
Maybe I have to experience my first real fight
To show you all of the greatness you have inside yourself
Eight rounds of stamina
Effective through his guard

Destroy and points
Mostly destroy
Keep going, have to



I fancy you for the word ‘pity’ is not in your vocabulary
Visualization of techniques have made me stronger and more technical
As sow, I therefore have visualized you
You and I sincerely without fangs
Many hours I have blocked you out of my mind
For you to return in the summer
I will bring my energy up on your mind so you can not block me away ever more than I block you
I will never leave your mind,


Round 45

I would like to see how the wolf boxes
The green painter increases speed with a different floortype
Mental secrets you have not fully shared

Our friendship has always been a relationship with intimate fights
I know there could be time in between us, a distance

Far away, one day you realize that the desire to dive deep down under in love is worth more than a hundred more faces

I will fight harder than any day before,