The Pelican of love

At some point my love and adoration for you will fade
The desires will play the leadrole
A want to kiss you, will make it
Will I seduce you or sit back and feel hurt
Am I not stronger than they? You are friends with so many different ….
Can I tame a green monster that I shouldn’t carry
My first love, yes you
Loveable you are
Is it your high standards
That will transform
Or are you waiting to be loved?

As the time passes by my love for you resembles a river filled with blood

Once in  a while a pelican sets grounds

The pelican waits till sunset, the river resembles a blackness,

it stands while drinking from the blood

then wanders off to a place far away

out of the sight of the river

You never told me how I made you feel

I am no longer afraid to scream, swear and shout

Doing all these things out of your sight.. makes me think about life more

A better me, can begin with you

May you transform me into calmness

I know how to fight.. I know that I can let go..

What does it take?

Adore you,



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