Father of Bambi

The father of Bambi

Why do you remind me of a Disney movie I have only viewed once

Meaningful and at sudden reappeared

I did not cry while watching bambi

Analysed and remembered, that glance of will

I’ve thought I hated you for a brief second

That’s because I hate losing

It’s too much for me to ask God in the sky to prevent you from leaving my life

Don’t make me lose you

Don’t let me be the one to love you if it’s not meant to be

I cherish you my friend

If there is a better fit I must obey and fight my desires

Walked in my life and walk out of it

For you are free

My mind and heart has been free ever since I embraced these feelings

I’m facing the prison of thy heart

May I sit in front of it and stare at it

Others may enter and exit

If you slowly let me view you

Closed off

I could admire you even more

Maybe I could grow into someone you’d adore

Well that’s my desire kicking in..

Red love instead of white

Silence is the time most spend wise


Adore you,





I can not postphone not thinking of you, love. For you have reached a part of me that has never been seen by anyone else than my creator. 


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