I want to speak to you

Blury words
Hauling in silence
filled with stress
you don’t see me
you only see me through your eyes
A thousand trees are between our eyesight
I can not stare at you in the evenings

Detect my flaws far away  perfection
Cry away the insecurities
open up
The walls have crushed
Sweet times
The clock of my childhood
I can hear it’s sound again, everywhere it follows as the past
Dreams of red clay should have been accompanied by you
You should have joined
I wish you were there in my early memories
I don’t want to be parted of you
How can I have the desire to be one
I realise.. you don’t feel me at all..
Maybe you do
I suddenly have a little hope and trust in a person.
If only I could say thank you

Adore you,



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