Whisper in my ear for the first time
Let your desires be wild
No man has ever touched me
I want you, only you
If you can be the last
How loyal are you to me?
Do you even care to be caressed?
I don’t give out hugs
You will have to talk me through Jordan
If beauty from the past can not touch you, my love
I will dwell away, a palace shall not
seduce me for I have seen it all
Nature at it’s best
Wonderful and brings sobriety to the worst addict
If you are able to fight for me
I will support and motivate you forever
For you have my heart
Share with me your soul
Connect with me
I know you seek for love
Soul music loves you
I can see you
When you travel my dear
Look upon the great pleasures
Before you shall leave
For a new place
A home without collision
My desires can be switched off
For how will the future look like
If you desire me but love another

Adore you,



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