Maybe we’ve found

I swear It’s true

After an encounter

When I sit in public transportation

I walk outside the door without make-up

and I feel real

I feel so realistic 

You’ve opened me up to being real

I don’t need a reason

to be who I am

For I am real

You are real

The flames of your eyes have lit my walls

There will come time soon to look at your lips

I can draw your arms, feet and eyes

You have never been the douchebag that needs to learn

It seems you approach life in the good way

Ocean filled with you

your smile is precious

I like you, my dear 

I cherish you

I’m getting closer to the chemistry I can’t even imagine

Stand up, I don’t need to give you advice

just to be with you

it makes me content

You are my hero

please let your enemies crawl

For I hope you will be blessed

sooner than later

with the best of our creator



Adore you, 





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