Fire has lit the Wolves

Tell me
What is this new tone of voice
Does it comprehend the sudden changes
A swift but barely noticeable change
I am afraid you are focussing too much
On my physique
For I want love
Talk to me with passion or
Not at all
The suddenly swift change in politeness
Makes me question
Do you desire me or my body?
Or is there no such distinction in your mind
I will wait
Do know I carelessly would hold
You if things turn out for the worst
Financially aid you
And morally lay out my defense
I have desires for you
Suddenly you are my fantasies
No white light without your essence on my mind
It will take years to build a tale
More beautiful than how blessed I have felt
These past weeks became passing months
For I suddenly saw you
I have drawn paintings just for you
Only for you to see
You make me forget my wolfs at the table
You inspired me to openly show my loyalty
I will love you
In silence and out loud in my words
I don’t want to be your cup of coffee
You consume everyday without seeing it’s value
But you can feel it
I want to be your special one
You have desired for years
And consume like water when your flesh is burning
My love, I desire you stronger than anyone ever will

Adore you,



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