How old are you
Career, birds and dentist appointments have flown by
Some of us don’t clearly remember their first kiss
I was 21, I am 21 today
I could say I was ready
Up for it
My lips tingled
From a soft sweet kiss
Passion was there while sitting on a couch, just laughing and to hold hands
For me that was enough
It was the highschool experience
I desired yet it scared me
And it feels so long ago, a memory acompanied smile
I’m wondering how it is to kiss you
For my emotions run deep with you
A soul who I’ve fallen for
Months of not wanting to think
About love
Has faded to not being able to remember the first kiss perfectly
Only the dangling menthol vibrations that left my lips sparkling
I finally was ready for it to happen
And quite anxious
Till the moment was there
It was really sweet and beautiful
Do you mind me sharing this?
For I feel I’m ready for you
Is a first kiss by one more intense
For you
To be
I wanted to know what love was
Felt to be desired
Sharing minds with thoughts of each
The beginning showed me that love flows in all the ways it’s desires to go
I knew he was not the one yet I wanted to try
There was chemistry and it bloomed
Every human has it inside when they’re born
We are not ruined
For we love
Boundaries were kept and tears shed
For a highschool romance on a young adult age,
Can have a bit of an impact
Love can be so great
I saw the beginning
Recently I gave this bloke a smile while thinking of you
He passed me by on a bike and looked twice
Seemingly upset
For his ego resents my silence
I have no words left for some who can be I acquainted
to yet admires me to behave like his close friend
If you desire my flesh that badly
That you can not accept no
You should learn my right hook,
More advanced than a blurry mind
For myself I write this
So I can be more wise
And people guess that I’m higher in age
I’m no longer 16

Adore you,



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