Could you?

You feel the warmth of my body
Apologize for standing too close
Say ‘After you’
To a person who I could never say: you should..
You my dear, are a gentleman
I perhaps feel confused when I see you with another
all the possibly situations
Yet I’m confident and confirmed you haven’t shared with them
What you have told me
Once I was your acquaintance
Now we are real friends
Things don’t need to shake up
Yet I would give you aries in venus
To bring fireworks to the tradition of Capricorn moon
And pisces in mars
With a Taurus sun sign
And a Monkey year
What is there not to love?
Monkey -Dragon – Monkey
I’m impatient and unkind
Seduced by flaws and all
I love your reflection
A stern, good guy
Your eyes are the river to me
I walk past it a million times
Loving the change
You remain yourself

Adore you,



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