You will have me
Please hold me close
I am scared
I adore you

I just know …. it is you,

I have dresses to wear
Heels who carry me, exclusive sneakers to match your exquisite style in fashion

Yet no experience in relationships
Can we learn together?
That our way is the best there can be

For I just know
It is you
I will wait more days
I will wait more years
For you

You are there when I wake up, when I go to sleep but most important. .
You take the visit with me when I travel

Oversea or at land
You are there with me
Let us take the ferry to my hometown
I want you to see where I ran through the fields

With you on my mind, without meeting
you are knowing that it could be you, my dear
For your love has set me free
I love you
Do not know where life
takes me
I am willing to give you my
Without anything
in return
If I can fight the battle of being honest without saying I love you
You shall have a friend
You will be loved by many
After you, life is waiting

Adore you,



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