Calm and exciting sparks
These feelings evolve
For you my love are the mountains
Photography explores them
The inside remains hidden
Only a few make steps towards building a tunnel

You are the mountains I’ve seen resembling Vancouver Island
Precious stones solid in miles of still water
A glance of your eyes
Adoration for your hands
A real velvet rose

Can not see the horse like movements, your ego is sterner this time

Preaching only the comprehension is faded
A white glance of your halo
Is it that?
A lot has changed, calmly

Relaxed and saviour thinking
My exciting rock
I want you to be the first guy I’ve hugged in months
After being so distant to everyone
It is time to dream about opening up to you
Slow steps in the water

It makes a beautiful sight
Let’s go together
Travel and enjoy each of our bodies
Cravings can be lustful love

We have to take enough rest and breathe
To write poetry for the one you love
For if it ever happen, you to discover me

Willing to wait
My emerald
Lost in miracle beach

Adore you,



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