Clean house

Vinegar, warm water


Different pairs of shoes

An extra eye on the dog

I am cleaning my house

listeling to pure soul music

The best of motown and soul

I need this

For my baby love has flown

If you do not know me by now

You will never ever know me

A dog senses a confused and distressed energy

as much as it wants to comfort

It is confused and gets very moving

A true soul

will catch you and stand beside you

Two of us against the world

Let us be

Let it be

clean your home, dear

For it needs to be decluttered

before I touch your mind

or chest

A woman needs more than love,

a sense of security

classical music

soul conversations

for let it be real

Can not settle

for any less

than my creator would be content with

No matter who you are


Adore you, 




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