You are my canvas

If I had to close my eyes
for emptied  buckets of emotions were ripping me apart
Fighting for the ones I love
Digging up water from beneath
Will stray beside me
Embrace me to my darkness and back to the mountains of light on this earth
For I have loved you and you have loved me
Could reach me in the worst of times
My soul has cherished you
When I close my eyes
You can see the same as me
To you: an embrace to me
Would be intense
And you will remember
You have remembered
I thank you
You are the one I can trust
I kiss your soul for we are not ready,
Fully real to become one
Appreciation and love
May you come your way
For I am proud to have known you
In this crowded world
I have remembered you
I could paint you

Adore you,



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