I do not know
What it means when I dream about life in general
Occasions, memories filled with less stress
Adolescence is a time of anxious thoughts
I lay awake in the bed longer
so forcefully the thoughts with you may appear
Daydreaming about you and me
Let’s be patient my friend
For I am not ready to fulfill this role
To fully give myself to you
A marriage away, every woman is just a marriage away
From becoming a wife
I am traditional yet I laugh at very cruel jokes
Life has made me hard
Being able to transfer emotions
Deal with them without stress
Accepting emotions are a part of life
A though cookie
Pain is my gain
I choose pain for it wakens the fire
I will stand before those who are mocked
Injustice to my morals
Burn I whisper
Right before I fight.

Adore you,



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