So far so good said I, yet another round
And I’m battling on.
I’m supposed to be tough courageous and strong
That’s why I’ve won every round
Since the big fight began

With the help of my parents
Brothers, Sisters and friends
I’m winning this fight
With my wrongs and my rights
But the crowd is not cheering
They’re not even caring
And the Ref, well he’s out of sight

Innocent Bystander glances at me
Only half aware and refusing to see
He thinks I’m just playing and sleeps as I bleed.

Now my face is disfigured my features have changed
I have no more teeth and my back is in pain
My legs feel like jelly my eyes can hardly see
But I keep on trying to set myself free.
And I know I’m winning cause I’m still on my feet

Even on my knees, I still won’t give up
However much I may bleed I’m never gonna stop
Yet no one will notice me until my fight is lost
Then they’ll say how brave I was
How strong and gentle sweet and tough
They’ll give me qualities I never even dreamed of
Then wallow in the shadow of my glory – Their loss.

~Spartacus R.

This my dear, 

is you. 


Adore you, 




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