I do not want you to cry

You, my mind is running over with your water
I desire to think about us
Saying that word would be too much
Overthinking it

Seperated from you my mind goes into a dwell of thoughts
To feel is to be blessed and hurt
Awake me to your love for me
I do not find it easy to be without you

How can I let you know
If all I do is keeping it a secret
My mind sees so much of you
Before I could cancel those thoughts
I love you

If you do not love me back or have loved me earlier in time
I now know your pain
For I am hurting, it is killing me
You are the best human to ever strike my heart

How can I let you know
For I love you..
I love you
Isee you so clear
I will do a lot for one sincere kiss
Is this the devil playing with me?
I need you in my life
Even if it is for only a glance
Of hope

Adore you,



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