I wanted something new
My heart pounded
For love is there
Mind is set
Heart alarmed
Soul excited calling all her sisters
‘It is finally happening,  oh these long days wandering off seeing beauty to go to waist,  waiting and not exposing to the outer side. When will the wedding be planned?’

For when two souls connect
Collisions are fought together
I have not made plans
Being alive and content
Was without you
With you I have no stress
For this man.. this rock
My own Hulk
You, my dear
Made me really see
How special my soul has been
How you are lit up through love
Responsible you are
And how respectful not wanting anything back in return
If there is anyone out there who can love you better than I can
Let her be
For I deserve nothingness
If you are unreal to me

Adore you,



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