Pink nails

The paleness of my skin is stretched longer by the babypink colour of my nails
It can mean so much
My hands appear shorter or taller
Steady handwork
Compliments return when you have forgotten that they were painted
The artist you
For when I make love to myself
I use my whole body
Moving central light are the hands
Waking up away and amoured
It starts with a cuddle  and ends with walking away from the bed

The mirror light sees the gush
I can not remember the last time I choose to have only one orgasm

My body is in control and my mind loves to let go
Just enjoy yourself,
Go as far as you need
My dear

The most exciting orgasms was when my mind was cristal clear
Second to that, those of you
You on my mind

For when I come, even in my mind
I seem a bit distracted
the white light appears but my mind does not take me beyond the clouds

It is concerned with you
For when I not know where your soul stands
Hugged you on the streets
Kissed you when we are alone

Even my mind sees it as just fantasy
You can make me come
Now you have to let me come as the first orgasm
Pumped blood in my face, next to intimacy, you have let me selfishly enjoy

To be with you, starting with intimacy and ending with selfishly enjoy, myself, my soul

Soulful music

Let’s dance

Adore you,



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