The hermit

A rollercoaster of lego
Days I spend playing that game
New level, new adventurers
Age of mythology at age 12

As a young girl I was in love with building a city and going to war
Protecting my own
Roots deep inside a dream

Having fun and being familiar
Everything was about friends and family
Love as lust did not exist
Just really good friends

I made him a heart of aluminum
Every edge got a small red heart
He kissed it and put it in my station

That was love
As the real velveteen rabbit
Spoke the words of realness

Today I cried because of you
All the love slung
I did not wanted you to be free
To put your hands around another girl
She fully grabbing you
You barely touched her

The air became hard to breathe
Walking down the pavement
The ability to walk

My feet were numb
No rain
Following to collapse

To follow
To collapse

In the field of love? Where did it take you?

I want to still adore you

You broke my ribcage by being free

My heart is open,



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