The fear of the last day

In a dream
I was on holiday with my family
To the place I have been most
A disaster happened
There were lines of people
Trying to get higher
How do I reach
I Reached
Only my father and I

Yes we sudden less frightened by we found an old phone
83 messages and missed calls
The last one was from my sister
She said ‘your name’ loves you and..
I had to click the text and It felt like what needs
to be said if it was the last day

I am sorry that silence is all
My soul will sing for you when that day comes

I could not get the message to you
I am too afraid
From my dear you went to a friend
Imagine what this dream means

How could I tell you
It was seen in my eyes
You probably have not missed it
And now silence rests between us

I love you and your stories
Hiding my heart away

Adore you,



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