Sniper detected

Sharp pieces feeled
Memories relived

This time the elapse
Stopped at moments of
You glaring at me
In your eyes I could see the devil

With sense I would destroy you
A beautiful way, good overcomes bad
Feelings are permissable

Joy to lay on grass and look at the stars
Till the sun came up
I gave you the joy you had missed

You learned me to enjoy life more
Besides attraction
There was a love I could not answer

You desired things too fast
I wasn’t proud to walk with you on the streets
Something pulled me towards you

Maybe it was time
Romances happened a lot
I have experienced courtship since the age of 12

I controlled you with my first kiss
You never knew
For girls always like to start out soft, sweet and innocent

Trembling lips
Love goes natural
Freely it leaves

It is what it is
The devil eyes taught me
Always stick to your plan

I wanted to be kissed and I kissed him
Nothing more

Adore you,



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