A glance

It has been two years since that first glance
Busstop in Delft..
One stop before the trainstation

You wore a white tshirt with print
In a red car you stared at me

When I glanced back your eyebrows lit up
I knew I am beautiful for God’s light shines through

How my heart skipped a beat when you were there at practice
A substitute teacher

I had forgotten I was told red cars anger agression
The world stopped when I first saw you

My pupils were probably widening
Yours were too
Maybe as a reaction to mine

I remember that day
The moments we spoke

Looks exchanged and everytime I looked at you
I found your eyes meeting mine

No make-up, no fit clothes, no beautiful hair
Practice is a place to be who I dare to be in daily shenanigans

You stayed with me
Reached a place unknown

Perhaps I will find a way for love
If it is with someone I look upto as much as to you

These encounters years apart
A stranger passing by
Standing to driving

Please God look out for this graceful man
The manliest man I’ve ever seen

Noble in heart
Your eyes stay with me

I don’t know you enough to say I love you

Adore you,



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