At least

It is raining outside
Yesterday disturbed me

Mix me up
You have not been calling my name
As serious
as I
.. no more times away
In my bed I dream of you to hold me -throw me-  fighting for the throne

You have mixed me up with someone else
How can you expect electricity
To clash the floor
When I am about to speak
You, surreal to me

Running cross the fields
Cows are sheltered
For thunder might strike
Taking them
Lights of the eyes, vanished

Breathing in silence
I am not risking anything to lose you
This pain inside motivates me to keep running, keep pushing
I will run through walls, punch them with my all
In this pace, the temper of my mind

While I should be dancing, with you
Sensual on soul, hips telling you what I desire
We do not touch yet you should see me
If it were for only us two

Crush me for I love you
At least I feel
I feel alive

Adore you,



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