Nude love

You ruined me
Bare was the skin, rectangle shapes in land of neighboring farmers
I was running
Elephant roads
Tossing away every thought of morals
My prince I have found what love is
Destined to tell my friend

I ran
Olive gardens became abstract colors of green
The emotional and confidence shield was whole
Before fragile first love turned into egg scales

No kiss nor hug was exchanged
Intimacy of two teenagers
Solely by interaction of the eyes
A sweet 16 and an invite to your passion

You ‘shattered the old me
The young naive girl has grown into a young woman
Waiting for true love

And when another price came along
He was spending more hours than ever
Before the first kiss
One of his birthdays will be forever marked by me, the girl who kissed his lips first

A disney story with a happy ending
Of two, knowingly the girl felt the boy liked her
He did find her appealing as a closed book, description based on how he spoke of her around his next fling


She wanted true love and knew he wasn’t the one
But he was handsome, trying really hard to open up her heart
It wasn’t meant to be, chemistry isn’t always enough

A kiss she needed to experience for love was more intense than sexuality

Intimacy and the ability to trust
I fell a little more in love with her
That girl that was me developed to the young woman I am

Opportunity after opportunity
I fought back
Live as you should do good

Self preservation is what saved me
For I love traditional love
The one above, an heart of gold
My love is your laugh

Adore you,



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