God’s justice is the one that prevails

My shortcomings fade away
Leaving love goodbye
I wish there was more love
Surrounding for stability

This new encounter has appeared to destabilize me
Love has this effect on me

I trust in little steps
A lot of time is what I need
Joyful laughter and kisses who are sweet first
As an adult woman who can only start with the steps a teenager would take on love
Carefully and slowly
Cute love
Bear with me

I seek nothing
One spark and suddenly the tragedy is starting again
I wish to learn more about love without losing my heart
I seem to lose my heart to the wind and waters of Icelandic ground
My ancestors were Vikings
Have they fallen in love on eyesight?
Poets of the past

Chopin has been replaced by Rachmaninoff
I see the dark inside of you
No remorse

A gentleman who could switch to kill
How am I able to cope with freedom
If I restrain mine for the sense of yours

Brain shadows of the past
Flicker around
Wash out the bad

Adore you,



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