That secret that we know
How do we tell
observe your noble ways
I wanted words to go my way

It takes time

Worn out places
I imagine you rippin the grey shirt of my chest
I need this lust and commotion

Let’s transpire
I find it so sexy to see a sweat drop fallin of your nose
You bring sex in the new places

Breathe new air, take new air
My lungs are different
Changed to cherry blossoms

You need to see me in my bra
You need to see me naked
Follow me through
Take a grip on my lips

I am destabilized through desires
The trumpets they go…
I have had dreams about you

Next to that
Your energy lifts me up
I love your distinctive heavy voice

Your scent fits mine
Seduce me
I will be your wildcard

Naked nudity
Sex is always the answer
Not a suggestion
I wish

Adore you,



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