Teardrops have taken over my window
The grey sky in my back reveals something more than I have imagined
The sun warms my back
I stare into small grey dots on the white sheer functioning as curtains a student can afford
The sky is beautiful and you are part of my life

As my dog squeezes herself between the covering blankets in between my legs
You have mastered to be as water and move yourself into my circle

Three kisses I never exchange in years
I gave them to you
Or you took them with kindness
Perhaps flirtation

It amazes me how nice you are to me
Thank you
For making me open up

My guard is always up and somehow you managed to get through to the inner circle faster than anyone ever has

I apologize for myself
My shyness and silence
I have never had a boyfriend
I feel the fire in my eyes

How I wish to be near you
Leaning my body against yours and surrender to the desires I feel when I’m with you

The ice blue eyes of loveliness
You are so alpha male, I believe I can’t resist

I can remember your smell
The vibrations hit my chest
A kiss for you my love

It is my love that you get
I pray for you and I will pray again

If I be blessed
I dont know

All I love is you
God can have a different plan

I and desires
Years of waiting
My love I miss you

Close to my heart I miss you
Not in a needing way

Your sparks of energy are making me happier than any white light I’ve seen solely

I am seldom as distraught as I never knew before
Desires I want to tell you that

I have to wait
Calmly and serene
For love is more than this

Love is more than the fancy words
I do know it was not meaningless

I lust you, the stranger who became a part of my weekly lifetime
I lust you emotionally more than I have ever done

Those eyes and moments
Encounters of glances
They are marked in my memory
From 2 years ago till the past couple days

I have never imagined the stage where I am
with you today

Kissed and hugged
The happier I feel when I see you
Eyes.that sparkle

I love your ways
Thank you God for the times I encountered you

Closer to my religion
You are love my lord

These female origined thoughts make no sense
When I am with you
No insecurity, a secure environment and I go all in emotion wise

Love you my sweet lullabies
Singing love songs
Everything reminds me of you

I notice these high trees outside my university for you
Nature was created for you

God let me become humble again please
I was serene when praying for you
Now my heart is so anxious to shout

How do I sing a love song on the highest mountain
When I am solely with my thoughts and your vibrations

Love love love
Will you please transform me into a better me

I promise to work hard
Take slow steps and experience how to be a good woman

Adore you,



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