A moment for you

I am disappointed in myself
Want to do more
Achieve more

Not knowing my character needed to be moulded
I wasn’t humbled during adolescent
I rebelled in feelings

Now ambitions are over the top
I need to pull harder
talents that are given are talents one should work at to explore

Desires does not always lead to fruits
Mine did..

I am blessed to live a free life
Fighting to be a better fighter

No one can stop
If I look back at a teenage girl who wanted someone to spend christmas and new years with

I still am
Always have
Wanted the one

Not someone
True love takes time

I hope one day it will happen
Strong alone
Lovepoem together

Pablo neruda wrote these poems for you my love
Every angel sees your eyes and smiles

Your eyes are as pure as a child, a voice manly as my true love
I love that you will always be young and old together

Kisses are meant to be given by you
For you would light up anyone’s day

A hug from you is to most men as if it’s from their own son
The persistence, humor and noble character
What is there not to admire?

You are moving fire water and throw earth in other’s eyes
The blessings you have

I step back and secretly observe
Openly observe
Since a diamond knows it will be viewed

Adore you,



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