On the days that I’ve seen you
No pictures were taken
A black space in my memory card

An euphoric smile takes over this world
I can conquer
For I enjoy your loveable ways

A telephone call to a friend
To share the excitement in my voice

How can I change from distant to enjoying the warmth of company in an instant

This young man is wonderful
Oh so kind and noble

Above no expectations to find myself giving
A genuine smile

Your divine energy
It makes me embrace the joy of laughter, the bare me

A girl should feel beautiful without make up
Thank you for making me care less

Love more
At moments you make me feel shy
The vibrant blush of excitement overflows since you came in my personal space
The smile I gave you for your eyes only

Those mesmerizing big eyes
Hiding the force you have underneath

A beautiful greeting that made my day
How lovely can a man be
A gentleman that makes the women around him smile

You will never be alone
In your case it is a good thing
Chosen by the divine
May I support your path and joy

As you feel like the one
God wants me to admire from far away

Lift up when you are down
As I am here to support, to nourish to love

Adore you,



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