Battle the darkgrey clouds

The sky is filled with grey, dark grey clowds
The sun isn’t touching me
Only a small oval is moving to the left
Ice blue covered by grey and white

Dark grey is the color speaking words to me
Even if there are frustrations
The key part is always pure
Intentions of your heart were given by heaven

What is my task?
For I have found what I desire in the blessing of a smile
A lovely voice I heared more than I had ever expect to

He has made me laugh from the purest part of me
The intention of heaven reaching earth

A genuine pure smile

I adore you through my frustrations about lively topics
Through traffic jams and annoying public transport

I love you so much to forget all the metro stations when coats have been touched by rain
The delight of looking outside a train window and not thinking of you or anyone else

The energy of the universe is with me when I am close to you
An arcade of pure stilness and movements of love

I can cry today because of the grey yet smile again due to your blue

A white circle surrounds you and I wish you nothing but the best
The redness of my eyes fade easier as my emotions take place

I have been given so much more of your voice and smile than I had ever hoped. More than two years

I adore you from far away
For this blue is the calm to my storm
In silence I cherish

I thank you,



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