Not as positive as an arrow

It is alright
To stand up and walk outside the crowd
The desire to be alone
Walking away from negative context
Do not feel so connected

Take away their control
Ignore them
Ignorance is blissful for topics repealing the surface of the skin
Especially if a rainy days feels as mind free yet full
The traffic connecting with nature
Nature always wins

Outgrowing parents
Walking a different road
Overcoming difficulties
Still arguments will come and go
As we have to wake up from our different views

Familiar faces are not in thy heart as they used to be
I care more for science, nature and my perspective on the bible teachings
Life as I feel should be
I can not change negativity not even my own
Fire is fire and water will mold explosions
Walk away and let them say
Let their words hit the atmosphere to never return in your heart again

Let them go
The woods you have played in as a child are still the same only now you can see more dangers
Than playful activities resulting in adventures
Step on a branch to hear the noise, as you never looked down so close to your own feet
So much is happening around you
Think about the outcomes before colors reach your eyes
I wore different glasses as a child
Filled with instinct by divine feelings
Everything was intense as hours were seconds

The sound of fun, joyful in activities
I do not desire egoism in my relations to others
I have to go far away
Nor conversations that do not please me

I walk away
I reach for the mountains in Canada
Always covered with snow except some years

I want to place unflower beds in places I know they won’t survive
In silence I endure and try to wash off
Until I explode
It really makes me greatful that I can walk away

The fire of ice
Water in your eyes
Mold an archer
Able to kill as a nobleman
Adore you,



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