Impossible to attain

Don’t spend too much time
If they make you feel alone
Watching the city rush by at this hour warms me more than this strange family
Am I the only one who desires fire in conversation or love in more than holding hands
The warmth I find within
Humans can not reach me unless I let them in

I prefer to be alone
It is less lonely
Such a loyal company as dogs one will never find

I will sit out my time by seeking fire from within and doing all I want to do
For lust and future comfort I can not find anywhere else but inside

I adore you stranger with the beauty of the sky in his eyes
Thunder, rain washed of with clouds struck by lighting
You have touched me and will never reach me
As I admittedly promised my love to elsewhere

If you decide to take me, you would take the best of me
I would never look at trees the same way before

Standing in the shower crying away my agony if we shall ever depart
How can I connect when I can not say goodbye
Is it better to have not physically loved and be whole at heart
I do not wish to live a bitter life

The mystery of your eyes is more than enough, it will build me up year after year
Each autumn will remind me of a new part of you
I think I need to be untouched for the rest of my life

How can one make a rational decision with thy heart?

More than love, something, I won’t unlock

Adore you,



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