Normal life confusion

Without you, am I?


Observing you as meditation
Walking slowly and secure

Again touched me
Unconcerned movements
Music and the rythm of how we breathe, speak
For I desire more than is given when comes to you
For I need to constrain the playfulness I feel

I need to not need you again
Rationally see that the high of love does not end in a depressed feeling
The normal life excitement is less euphoric

Run a marathon
These thoughts of you pop up and they bring me energy
For the good or the bad
I could feel this way forever

Hormones does not stay in the body for so long
Something decided to love you unconsciously
In a way as I need to learn how to truly love

Let me observe and copy
The lovely energy filled divine athlete
I admire
I will want to trust

Adore you,



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