A day’s rest

To prepare for a new battle
I can not seem to cope without you
The steps I take

I need more distance in my mind
The doors of my heart have opened
I only want to be able to peek

Am I able to resign away feelings and thoughts of my own
To let through the perception of the divine

We will shine and die on this day
I will fight more on this day than practice can ever give me
A family affected fairness is letting your ego go

New strength will be build
I won’t let anyone make me unsee your smile
Your happiness is my guide

Even if God has another plan
I want your joy to overflow this world
For you are the greatest angel I have seen
God protect this angel on earth and in the divine

He has made me smile so intensely
Feelings have never been more pure than childhoods happiness
As I am whole again

I will wait years for you, true love
Destinations for a lasting smile

Adore you,



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