Nothing happened

Today I saw an unattended backpack laying on a passenger’s seat

I stept outside the metro and took another one
My moral dilemma was not wanting to alarm because the backpack was small and looked like a scholars one
Not wanting to stop public transport

A difficult choice I made
I do not know how I am influenced by the world around me
It has effected me as it did to everyone else

I felt sick today
Never thought of superstition that way
A short ride on a way to gold

I feel more stress than ever
I know I should rest
Yet I study and sport
Sleep is a losing game

For I need to break with the negative people
They are poisonous
How come I thought of something bad instead that someone might have lost it?

It bites me, the hard things have moulded me
I bite my tongue, who’s the one that won?

God help me get some sleep,



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