Slowly I saw the light

I have ventilated your anger of your past and the disease towards those who have disappeared
To those who are not of social support
To those who give insincere apologies
To those who value drugs more and blame the sober

They have slept it off
We the sober still remember
Anger, resentment

Controlling my anger when I have had enough of solely dealing with the sick
I am the one walking on the tips of my feet
Still because you are an bow that easily snaps

The strangers you see once every moments act as if they relate,
They were never there
Those who verbally want to hear how they have helped have not shined their light

They want rest for themselves
Selfish they are

I am stepping up and becoming selfish myself
I have no respect or want to support poison

In silence I have not seeked validation
My mind have declared your roles to be dead
All hope is put in the greatest love of all

Let the negativity burn
I am growing beyond evildoers can comprehend
You seek attention and validation from the outside world even as I have given up all my energy, tears to help you not turn that road

I put my head to the floor
I bow for my lord
I need rest. It has been enough.

Declaration of independence
I shall not forfeit for anyone’s wrongdoings but my own

I thank you God,



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