Create with me

In these years I have been seeing you as alluring
No words will be on my lips
Night air consumes a body
Temptation is the greatest risk
with a black sculpted shirt round muscles that hold the man’s eyes I dream off
I don’t see anyone else
Notice the danger when the desire is striking me in
He is the one, the chosen one
It has been the first time a movie sucked me in
Adrenaline, imagine

A long time
Your eyes behold my future
When going to a place far away
This movie gave me adrenaline
Only at the time my heartbeat jumped

I suddenly created a new movie
Shown to me, my mind or heart
Created you as an archer to protect
And the sweatdrop resting on the tip of your nose
It was nothing

Nothing to the seriousness
The duty was calling
You were there
I believe I have defeated a dragon

You are hunting me
Lustful love
Is there danger in a disconnection for emotions

Will I have waited all these years..
To just be consumed



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