The kiss that opened me

Waking up to you entering the showers
Your eyes dont keep away from my eyes
I keep standing still
Slow yet sure of your movements you are taking of your clothes
Your eyes know my location and find it everytime
I look to the left down and you are already in front of me
Your hair has been shortened
The cold bathroom tiles hits me as I can’t go any further without touching the metal colors
My lips naturally moves towards
Positioned sidelined to the squares
I belong to you only my mind is hesitating
I want to say, whisper with all that I am
A warning: this is my first time
Know that and do not lose me
I can not speak natural it goes
My body was destined for yours
No nervousness just pure joy

And then I wake up
Hoping you are safe
Feeling as you have embraced me with thousand arms
You are the one for I have never dreamed or lived as vivid as the day my eyes met you after my brain sought your energy

We will meet again

Adore you,



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