I can’t imagine how I thought of you
The tables have turned
Difference between emotions and feelings

Sudden thoughts
The feelings were made of calmness and comfort

I see you stare at me with consideration and love
A year of highschool includes
I can not meet your eyes

This is solely friendship
Opportunities for opposites
Imagining you wanting other girls has made these feelings fade

It is a phase
I have someone who gives me butterflies
You are just the calmness after storms

Don’t be so supportive
You are too good of a person
This behaviour makes people fall for you while our souls are not made for this combination

You can say that I have distanced myself from the feelings you give me
Inside my heart
We are friends and you are one of the few people who really cares

There are no butterflies
Just my heart touched and I refuse to stare in your eyes more than I have to do

I won’t fall for you
Not including feelings
Caring for your soul, not trusting you with my heart

I love someone else,



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