The inferior feeling of love

The old water on the face routine
Ladies looking down with dark water
Light greywhite clouds block the blue except their eyes
‘I give away something special’
Return with blessed by the truest love

This time was special for everyone
Learning it’s intentions and curses
Oh so bossy and intentionally wonderful
The river of feelings it was called
For one remembered with which thoughts they had stand there a year before to open their hearts
That feeling..
A non-killer couldn’t comprehend
How he felt about the retrospective of the same ritual each fall and winter

These peasants suprised time has elapsed
He was more concerned with his success, his own well-being materials and goods to make it through the year
Wood was especially expensive this time a year

Somewhat the face ritual of each lady in the village brought him the most excitement
To the warrior who never smiled with his teeth
Farewell to the old and welcoming the new year by the springs
In sight were the havens
A nordic heritage of grandfathers
Generations of sons have been together on this boat

This year he saw something special
A girl looked up
Hair covering her young brests
The folklore clothes looked as a dress on her

She swept away the numbness of his existance
At these special moment you do not realize the increased ratio of your heart
Lungs cooperate and the eyes are in utter shock

He would fight the whole world to be with her
Their saga continued..

Adore you,


Adore you,

Your beloved warrior princess


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