The shadows of the

Rush gushes through the body as 500 ml on the bottle has never been read from approximately 50 centimeters far

Throw it in the bin
The dark man was once made
Illustrations for common sense
Could we have that in kindergarten and up to middle school

Illustrates us how to behave in love
How not to cry after a touching family entertaining movie as we don’t know how long it shall last

Comprehend to can not reach
I need to leave you this letter I do
So romantically I have been hiding

Walking besides and with a bicycle in hand, the snow is though
We reached the house only after half an hour
At school he smiled at me
During the walk love was in the air surrounding me

Nothing ever happened with me and him only I have experienced the same feelings of first 12 year old crush with the guy I have not seen in months now

I love you and somedays forget you
For time is always running with me
One day I shall be dead
Flashbacks to my childhood

I hope to become 23 and see you next year
As Disney fairytales do not exist
One day everyone shall be gone and dead

People live, people die
I only care for a few
I won’t live longer than that love is not rushed

I love you I do,



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