T t a a

I wrote down these letters initiating words I was hestitant to write down in a full commuting train
The meaning I can’t reminisce Today
These four words gave me energy

Don’t believe me just watch’ energy-efficient
The train as always
It has not been those words

It comprehends the feeling of this season
I am physically all by myself and it is how it’s supposed to be
God doesn’t want me to be lonely
Alone is pleasantly freeing

It is only fun to attend a wedding without a date
Dear society I have watched the notebook and it confirms the feeling of the best or no one at all
Reconstructions won’t grow into a new story
I love him as much that I let him go

He is a delivery of light in a life of darkness
Even if I can see him only one time a year it does me good
His chanting face pleases me, he moves like he wants to

He is noble and strong
I have time to observe and learn

Adore you,



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