Face yourself

Say goodbye to your demons and embrace the new you
I have never felt more realisation to what could happen next

This day transformed fear into fightful modus
Honoured are our heroes
The future beholds beautiful things
I could fall in love for the first time, climb mountains to see if the attraction matches the barriers unreached
Life deserves your all most

I won’t give up on you
Being the best friend I will work harder for better versions
I do not want to be treated awful
Kiss me again my love

My cheek remembers your greeting and I fight.for more than myself
I have a dream that one day
All the hard work and activities continue

Along the way I can look at my left, you focused on a paper
The presence of love
Attraction of love
I promise to never provoke you for hate

These years alone have made me realised I need to treat a husband as he is my king
For when you can not love anyone at all
The attraction to only one must be royal

I promise to the lord that I will not love anyone else as you are what I need

The one
I fight for myself and you
Even if I may never have you
Your energy brings me power for two

You ran a marathon at a young age
While running I know you felt you were not alone
You are a special child of God
The divine is soothing you for you are capable of heroic deeds

Without seeing you frequently you influence my day to day
I hope you are healthy, safe and loved

May the best come for you
Know that I have learned so much from you, you raised the bar high
I rather spend the rest of my life alone if I can not be with my other half

God took away the loneliness in my head and heart when the dream came with your presence
Awakening my desires, hopes for a future together

Years will go by
I hold my future,  you hold my heart
I gave it to the stranger with the most beautiful eyes that make me think of heaven

Nothing without the dream of you
A man as yourself exist on this earth
I love you without expectations
Only hopes you have exceeded

I am thankful that you did not pass me by and gave me the feeling that I mattered to you
You made me genuinely smile of love when I have been through so much family loss

The job on my.shoulders is finished after all these years
I have fought against other demons I have made sure my family was protected

After hard work your eyes lit up
We share a similar story
I cherish you as I know you come and go, my desires are not the key for love

Being content with all that is given to you, the good and the bad
‘I just want to live’
Desires to dream and hope more

One day it will pass away to the other world
I want my family to know that I love them through the good and the bad

And I hope that you know I wish you well
You are the most important dream I have so I keep you my secret
A soul keeping the motivation for life close to thy heart

Adore you,



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