You are my one and only
I hope there is a way to give you a safe and bright life
Heaven must need you
We love you with our souls

You are the closest to God
I love your mother and I love you

Your small bump
Please let her be save God

She’s so small and yet
Stronger than anyone on earth

Love her and embrace her with your all

In God’s hands we trust

I love you, for always and ever
You are the one and only
Your mommy and daddy loves you so much and the aunts and uncles, grandparents we are all hoping for the best

We put the future in you
Small bump that you are

Please let her be safe
If its heaven or earth
May she be protected forever

We love you so much
You are fighting
Our souls are with you love

Embraced by the souls who matter
We love you
You are the closest child to my heart

You can hear the heartbeat of my sister
I would give my world for you

Please be saved
You are loved from the depths of every heart
Your parents met as it was destined

They will always be there for you
You will always be

You are alive
A small bump unknown
I know you will always live in my heart
Connected as one

I love you
The most beautiful angel
God protect this angel please
As her well being means more to the world

Days feel like years on earth
Hours in heaven

We love you
God please do what’s best for the child and don’t harm the parents
The family will always love this child

They are the most sensible and sensitive parents
God I love you
I pray for my niece and her parents

Your miracles have cured diseases before
I love you
Please let her be safe and loved
Your guidance and love will persevere


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