He placed a white wooden chair near the bank of the river
To be able to conduct a resort, getting along with the wind

A though young male who sees her soul

She desires nothing more than him today
Love and sex to forget the mourning
An escape of love for the pain of love
She dives deep down under in oceans of pain
Is endured by persistence
This time she is losing
She doesn’t want to swim back up
She misses her niece
A small child she cared for with all her heart
She was taken away, her mind now is far away

Take a dive deep down under
Not wanting to swim up

For never has the one, true love revealed himself to her
Alone she goes through the mourning
Alone day by day

Love… my God
Why have you abandoned me
My sister’s child has died and a part of me has died too
I feel tortured without the love of my future husband in my life
The support,  loyalty and love
I have dived deep down under and now even desire flirtation

Oh dear God
I have been faithful to your word so many years
And now I do not want what I desired before

All I desire is true love, a husband to cherish all my life
I feel alone

My studies and sports were fun for the time I did not know the pain of losing a child close to my heart
Her body and soul
I miss her
I still feel her energy

How come I seem to have lost your love?
I am torned.. oh my lord
I cannot accept what I cannot change
At ungiven moments I cry
Knowing I will never reach the love I desire

My soul has been cut
I adore you
I am hurt
Staring at your echos
When I hoped of kissing and hugging you one last time,



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