The admiration

I have a heart occupied by a handsome, noble and disciplined man
Days and years from now
Waiting for an 2 hour trip
I decided to stare back at the one who was staring at me

I can’t seem to forget you
This doesn’t bother me, with life comes death and fantasy will be confronted with the truth
Years after and for different reasons you saw me again

No make up, wide clothes, nothing but my bare face and strong will
Your eyes lit up and pupils widened

Even though I felt the attraction
Even though I still do
I focus on the goals so I can grow
None of them contain breaking down my shield to others

An encounter less than a year after you did not pass me by
Only to greet me after I smiled to you with an open heart
You make witty remarks and were playful

Yet your eyes are shaped by the divine
Heaven is captured in you
You can transform into a beast
A switch only you handle

I feel love when I think of how you look at me
That day and the days I have been blessed to have seen you
Been in your presence

Your eyes have motivated me more to become the best part of me
Only now I seem to have lost the drive to do it for you

I do it for me, you have inspired me to become a princess warrior
While I still think you are the most handsome and athletic young man I’ve ever seen
I will never know if I am destined for you

I hope I am
For I would love nothing more than for you to be first
If Indeed.. you are able to love me with your soul

I act distant to protect my heart
Yet you have managed to pull through
I’m distracted once again

What if?
How did this young man managed to kiss me on my cheeks after calling me a more beautiful word than I’ve ever felt so divine by
‘Hello gorgeous’

I felt it
What if I opened my heart and smiled at you with no strings attached
No feelings hidden

And that was why you were able to enter
A private zone no one else enters

I adore you and hope you are safe
I might not be able to love you with my all, you did have touched my heart and let me learn about love

Without a kiss on the lips or anything more
You’ve transformed me
And for that I have grace

A friend forever,  between the shadow and the soul

Adore you,



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