The dark thoughts of tonight

Why does money restrict humans of being alone
I want to live alone in a house
I can’t
I actually need money, currency

Yet I develope myself in a way with sports and studying
Even if I pull out a partime 24 hours job I won’t make enough money for the rent

Life is hard
I have struggled and will struggle again
Good grades, youth and health
I have ‘time’ without currency

I don’t have the money to live alone
In sickness and in health
I never had the choice for the family I was raised in
I never had a choice

And I wish I was all by myself, with money and.without family

I support them and take care of them
I do not need them

From one hell to another
I have become stronger
There is no folk song about the wise man as the happiest man alive

I could do so much better alone

I need to be alone,



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