My mind is a blank space
I have no feelings
The body cries and the mind is absent
This mourning is more intensive than ever
Her small bump is gone

The child I would love as my own is in heaven and her energy close to her parents, especially her mommy
I miss you without having lost your energy

On the road of loss
You continue..
My heart was opened for her
For the rest of our lives and beyond
And it has affect me

For vulnerable one is in love
The prince of my dreams could be standing next to me
And I would still not be able to comprehend

I hope you don’t mind
I wrote all these words
For the love and imagination I have for you
Stranger and beautiful strong prince

I adore you yet my heart and mind is with the princess we lost on this earth

How beautiful life was when we heared you were coming
Happiness should feel the hearts again
Mourning is feeling incomplete whole the lost one is at peace

I pray for you, one day we’ll meet again,



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