The weird senses of goodbye

There is absence in your eyes
In a weird way I have known forever and ways ahead I would meet you
Attracted to men who resembled you

Delft.. I do not know how or when
That moment I decided to stare back instead of lowering my gaze
Christianity and modesty was broken when I looked up
Your eyes lit up and eyebrows reached high..
I stared right back at you

So no.. I can not get rid of this coat
The coat in which you approached me with lovely words years later
Eyes and a smile that opened up the heavens

It is safe to watch you from a distance
Between the shadow and the soul
Pablo neruda spoke the words of admiration

From that moment on I was blankly calm
One day you will be mine
We will have two boys
You will die before me
And I will love you till eternity

It has been spoken..
I am not sure how or when
If this dream is my role.. I would gladly accompany you to your final goal

This dream is strange for I seem calm
Agreeing with destiny
While I am sure… what I need is not always what I want

Adore you,



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